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General Gemstone Details:

One of the first gemstones to be mined, turquoise has long been prized for it's intense colors, which vary greatly from sky blue to green, depending on the quantities of iron and copper found in it.

Turquoise is a complicated, persnickety gemstone. Just the right type of minerals must be in just the right place for a very very long time (millions of years) before turquoise is finally created.

Egyptians prized Turquoise as a Life Stone. The oldest pieces of jewelry set with this gem are four bracelets found on the mummified arm of Queen Zar. She ruled in Egypt about 5500 BC.

Highly revered in Tibet, a Turquoise stone was carried throughout one’s entire life. It was exchanged as currency & the finest stones were considered more valuable than gold.

Scientific Properties:
Mohs Hardness of 6 with a triclinic crystal structure.

Copper is key to beginning the process of creating Turquoise. The mineral is introduced into host rocks by heated magma rising to the earth’s surface. Hydrothermal actions created by the heat of the magma will break down nearby feldspar, releasing aluminum. Phosphoric acids leach from apatites (rocks not usually found near copper deposits) leaving the needed phosphorus.

Just getting past this complicated process will not be enough . . . the host stones must also stay above the water table for millions of years. As Mother Earth heaved & cooled, mountains rose, seas formed & disappeared, these deposits of copper, aluminum & phosphorus had to remain under great pressures & stay dry.

Almost all Turquoise is found in areas with volcanic or thermal histories and the finest grades of the gem are found closest to the earth’s surface. The stone must be able to “dry out” in order to maintain it’s hardness. Deeper deposits of Turquoise become soft because of acids created as water percolates through the earth.

One of the exceptions to this is the Lone Mountain Mine in Nevada. This rich deposit of Turquoise was sent deep into Mother Earth after seismic activity caused the deposit to fault.

Turquoise is found around the world. Its history as a spiritual stone goes back over 7500 years. Persian Turquoise is considered some of the finest in the world (& some of the earliest mines). China, North & South America, Saudia Arabia, Tibet also have significant deposits of this gem. Virginia has an extremely rare Turquoise that forms in prismatic crystals.

Mystical Properties:
Turquoise is still a valued power stone. It will strengthen and align all of the Chakras; and it can be used to cleanse your energy centers. As a meditation tool, the gem can assist in clearing your mind, opening you to the Universal All. Use Turquoise to attune to the spiritual plane or provide protection during vision quests or astral travel.

Native Americans believed the stone brought protection to a rider upon a horse, and great protection in general, especially to turn away the evil eye.

Called "sky stone" or "stone of heaven" by some Native Americans, the vibrations of turquoise can build a spiritual bridge between worlds and give strong psychic powers to the bearer.

Turquoise is considered to be a symbol of generosity, sincerity, and affection. It preserves friendships and can make friends out of enemies in time. Traditionally is is said to only bring good luck if given, not purchased. However, this is not always the case. One must take into consideration the innate energy of each stone individually.

Healing Properties:
Turquoise was part of the medical equipment of most physicians of the fifteenth century; the claim was that this stone could counteract the affects of any poison.

A master healer and a stone of yin (feminine) energy, turquoise is most helpful with female disorders. Also used to prevent and cure headaches. A strong stone for toning and strengthening the entire body and regenerating tissue.

It's best known for it's drawing powers. When pressed against the diseased or troubled portion of the body, the illness is then visualized as being drawn into the stone and out of the body, thus removing it all together.

Tradition says that this stone reflect the health of the body and the aura by changing color.

Magical Properties:
Energy: Receptive
Element: Earth
Deities: Hathor, Buddha, The Great Spirit (American Indian)
Powers: Protection, courage, money, love, friendship, healing and luck!

Turquoise is used regularly to gain wealth, and it used or worn during money attraction spells. Given as a gift, turquoise bestows wealth and happiness to it's receiver.

The stone is also utilized in love spells and magic. It can be worn, carried or given to a love one. It is frequently used to promote marital harmony. It is told that if the color of the stone fades, so has the love of the recipient.

Discharge turquoise once a month in a bowl of dry tumbled hematite stones and recharge overnight among rock crystals - out of the light of the sun!

Associations: Venus, Neptune

Modern Birthstone for the Month of December.

Stone of Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio and Aquarius, it is a symbol of beauty, virtue and loyalty.

Chakra Classification:
Turquoise is particularly effective on the 5th, Throat Chakra.

Enhances meditation by helping with creativity, peace of mind, communication and emotional balance. A protecting and balancing stone, turquoise can align the chakras. It gently urges the wearer to seek out answers and knowledge.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


General Gemstone Details:

Onyx was very popular with the ancient Greeks and Romans.

The name comes from the Greek word onux, meaning fingernail. The story is that one day frisky Cupid cut the divine fingernails of Venus with an arrowhead while she was sleeping. He left the clippings scattered on the sand and the fates turned them into stone so that no part of the heavenly body would ever perish.

True, black isn't normally the color one associates with fingernails. But in Greek times, almost all colors of chalcedony from white to dark brown and black were called onyx. Today when we think of onyx we often preface the word with black to distinguish it from other varieties of onyx that come in white, reddish brown, brown and banded. Later, the Romans narrowed the term "onyx" to refer to black and dark brown colors only.

Most Black Onyx that is commercially available today is color enhanced (heated and dyed) to increase it's depth of color, although this process does not decrease it's value in any manner.

Scientific Properties:
Mohs Hardness of 7 with a trigonal crystal structure.

Although onyx, sard and sardonyx are all varieties of chalcedony, onyx is similar to agate, with straight rather than curved bands. These bands may be brown and white or black and white. Sard is a brownish red variety, sardonyx is a blend of sard and onyx and therefore has the straight white bands of onyx and the brownish red color of sard.

Onyx is mined in Brazil, India, California and Uruguay. It has a fine texture and black color; however some onyx also displays white bands or ribbons against a black or brown background and again, this variety is known as sardonyx.

Mystical Properties:
Onyx is thought to increase regeneration, happiness, intuition and one's instincts. It is also told to decrease sexual desire, and to aid in changing bad habits.

The shapes or patterns that onyx holds inside it have led some to suggest that Onyx has a picture in it that tells a story or carries a lesson. Lore tells us that an onyx will retain memory of the physical occurrences surrounding a person. A strong stone to use in psychic work as it tells the story of the wearer.

A strength-giving stone, good for athletes or people under extreme mental and emotional stress. It brings balance to mind or body as well as strength of mind. Onyx is a wonderful stone for those who are flighty by nature, as it will help ground and focus your attention. A strengthening stone that can help you approach a lesson or task with greater self-confidence. It is highly recommended that Onyx be used in conjunction with pearls and diamonds to increase their own metaphysical qualities.

Healing Properties:
Onyx must be laid directly on the body or worn over a long period of time as it's power develops quite slowly. It is known to be particularly helpful with skin ailments, healing infected wounds as well as fungal infections, inflammation and even sunburn. Pat the affected skin with onyx water several times during the day and cover with an onyx water compress at night.

Due to the fact that onyx needs time to develop its full power, it should be discharged once a week under running water, and if used for a long period of time, it should be placed in the earth overnight once a month. This will regenerate it to help keep it's energy strong.

Magical Properties:
Energy: Projective
Element: Fire
Deity: Mars
Associated Stone: Diamond
Powers: Protection, defensive magic, reducing sexual desires

Ancient magic lore tells us that in times long past, onyx was thought to be the manifestation of a demon imprisoned in the stone. This demon would awake in the night and spread terror and nightmares to any persons within its range of influence.

Since antiquity, though, onyx has been known to actually be used as protection against black magic, as well as defensive magic when negativity is directed toward you.

Onyx will also help you gain emotional balance and self-control, when added to the benefit that it also balances the male and female polarities within each person, this is quite a powerful stone to have in your divination rituals, whether for protection or otherwise.

Associations: Saturn, Earth

Mystical Birthstone for the Month of December, and birthstone of most ancient cultures for the month of July.

Stone of Capricorn for a positive influence, and Leo, to dream of onyx signifies a happy life with a suitable companion.

Chakra Classification:
Onyx is associated primarily with the 1st, Root or Base Chakra. It assists with challenges in life, especially those caused by a drain of energy. It prevents the draining away of personal energy and can be used for protection from such. It also helps with grounding and controlling or eliminating excess or unwanted energies. Black onyx and red onyx are associated with the 1st, Root or Base Chakra. White onyx is associated with linking the 1st, Root or Base Chakra and 7th, Crown Chakra to have balanced energy throughout the chakra system. Excellent for centering and aligning your full being with higher powers.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


General Gemstone Details
Labradorite is the plagioclase feldspar ad in the same family as albite. Labradorite has been found in some meteorites.

Gem quality labradorite is known as spectrolite; which is a colorless variety, darkened with needlelike inclusions, it is often called black moonstone. Spectrolite is a dark and opalescent blue with a shimmer when the light hits it. It was discovered in Finland during WWII, and it is also called falcon's-eye.

According to an Eskimo legend, the Northern Lights were once imprisoned in the rocks along the coast of Labrador. It is told that a wandering Eskimo warrior found them and was able to free most of the lights with a mighty blow of his spear. Some of the lights were still trapped within the stone, and thus we have today the beautiful mineral known as labradorite.

Labradorite which shows an iridescent play of colors is used in jewelry and lapidary items, and as an ornamental stone it has many popular uses such as in decorative clock faces, table and counter tops, facing for buildings, etc..

Traditionally, labradorite is thought to bring good luck.

Scientific Properties:
Mohs Hardness of 6 with a triclinic crystal structure.

Labradorite was originally discovered in on St. Paul Island, Labrador, Canada in 1770. Pieces of the stone were found amongst the artifacts of the Red Painted People of Maine. Spectrolite was discovered in Finland during World War II. It is considered to be the gem quality of Labradorite.

The name labradorite comes from the province of Labrador in Canada, which is a famous locality for labradorite with an iridescent play of colors. Feldspar is derived from the German word feld which means field. Iridescent labradorite is sometimes referred to as spectrolite.

Spectrolite, the most valued type of labradorite, hails from Finland. The name is derived from Labrador which is the main and original source of the Canadian variety of this feldspar stone. Labradorite is also found in India, Madagascar, Newfoundland, and Russia

A type of translucent feldspar which displays strong iridescence when viewed from different angles, Finnish spectrolite exhibits vivid colors of bright aqua, golden yellow, peacock blue, reddish orange, greens and red.

Mystical Properties:
Labradorite is said to provide quick relief from anxiety, hopelessness and depression, replacing them with enthusiasm, self-confidence and inspiration. It is said to dispel negativity and to bring clear understanding by enhancing clarity of thought and improving one's ability to cooperate with others in harmony.

Labradorite is also said to give perseverance, strength and enhanced intuition when one is experiencing times of conflict and change. Labradorite is told to be helpful in treating eye and brain disorders, and to help regulate metabolism and the digestive process.

A sister to moonstone, labradorite links to the "darker" Crone aspects of the Goddess, and grants inner knowing of Mystery. It enhances intuition and psychic perception; just like the cord-cutting Crone, it helps the bearer to release judgment, and understand their destiny. Use it to bring Light to the shadowed realms of the self and to connect with the power of the waning Moon.

Healing Properties:
Labradorite is particularly effective in alleviating bone issues, disorders of the spinal column and the wear and tear of the joints. Rheumatism and arthritis may also benefit from this stone's healing powers.

Psychologically, labradorite has a calming and harmonizing effect, so it is a wonderful stone for irascible people. It improves intuition and clarifies the possessor's own views and objectives.

In its elixir form, Labradorite purges negativity, bringing well being to you, it also has pain killing properties. It is quite a balancing harmonious energy, it helps ones intuition, especially the timing of things.

When intended for healing purposes, labradorite should be carried as a touchstone tumbled or in jewelry, and then cleansed under running water. If it's surface becomes cloudy, it should be put in mineral water in placed in the sun for a few days to regenerate and refresh.

Chakra Classification:
Labradorite works well on the2nd, Sacral or Navel Chakra, and secondary to the hands and the chakras related to them.

It is also said to have a particularly strong effect on the 5th, Throat Chakra, 6th, Third Eye or Brow Chakra and 7th, Crown Chakra. A stone it is told that subtly affects the way you respond to situations, emotionally and physically, this stone can be worn without tiring results.

Spectrolite however is told to have a completely different vibration. Simply wearing spectrolite in jewelry can become an intense experience, as it forces open the subconscious mind and allows ideas to bubble up. It may bring in unexpected and unlikely solutions that may take you by surprise; possibly pleasant or unpleasant, depending entirely upon your spiritual preparation.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


General Gemstone Details

Hematite is a metallic gray iron oxide mineral, and the same stone of a differing variety as specularite.

Ancient Egyptians used it to stanch blood and promote the formation of blood cells. In the Middle Ages is was known as the "blood stone" due to the fact that the water used to polish it would turn red during the process, as if the stone were bleeding. Native American folklore states that war paint made from hematite will make one invincible in battle. People in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries wore hematite jewelry during mourning.

Scientists of the Mars Exploration Rover Project believe that deposits of hematite on Mars may help prove whether large amounts of liquid water ever flowed on Mars' surface. They say that where water was, life may have had a chance to thrive as well.

Hematite is said to protect the wearer's vita energy and guarantee survival. Amulets of hematite have been found in nearly every pharaoh's tomb as a support in the afterlife.

Scientific Properties:
Mohs Hardness of 6.5 with a trigonal crystal structure.

Hematite generally occurs as massive opaque material with a metallic luster, showing a blood red color when cut into thin slices.

However, it can also occur as short, black rhombohedral crystals as well, and my have iridescent surfaces.

An imitation substance, hematine or hemalyke which closely resembles hematite, is made of stainless steel, chromium and nickel sulfides, these however are magnetic, while natural hematite is not.

Most marcasite in today's market is facetted hematite. Actual marcasite tends to erode and dissolve from exposure to the air.

Mystical Properties:
Hematite, besides it's association with the blood, has also been known to be called the stone for the mind. It brings with it grounding and calming which in turn creates mental organization and focus. It will assist in original thinking, logical thinking, and mathematics.

Hematite decreases negativity and can help balance the mind - body - spirit connection, it draws negative energy away from you into itself. It's acts well as a stabilizing force.

It is a good stone to have around when you are being bombarded with vibrations and energies of other crystals and stones.

Healing Properties:
Hematite is used for staunching blood as well as to stabilize the circulation of blood and combat venous hyperemia and embolism.

Hematite stimulates iron absorption in the small intestine, which in turn improves oxygen supply to the body.

It can be in direct contact with the skin, but results in inflammation for some people, so test it carefully before using, and if inflammation should occur or worsen, discontinue contact immediately.

Never wear a hematite near inflammations of any sort, as it can exacerbate them. Never discharge hematite in water. Placed among tumbled rock crystals hematite releases it's negative energy and at the same time becomes recharged with positive energy.

Magical Properties:
Energy: Projective
Element: Fire
Powers: Healing, grounding, divination

Hematite is a strange stone; heavy, solid ad silvery black. It's name alone leads to some mystery. Ancients called it Bloodstone, so references in the past are all relating to that name. Therefore magical information relating to this stone is scarce.

Hematite is worn for grounding and stabilizing purposes and to focus the attention on the physical plane.

Associations: Saturn

Not a Traditional Birthstone for any Month

Stone of Aries and Aquarius, but is assigned to Scorpio, whom it not only protects but also warns of danger by changing temperature.

Monday, April 4, 2011


General Gemstone Details:

Angelite or Blue Anhydrite is a fairly new discovery in the gem and mineral world. Discovered in 1987 in Peru, during the Harmonic Conversion, it's colors may be white, gray or colorless, as well as blue to violet. The most common color is a blue-gray color that most stones for jewelry are created in.

Blue is the color of the present time, the Angelite Metaphysical Information and Artisan Jewelry from Shimmerlings Jewelry Aquarian Age. The Aquarian is seen as the truth seeker; however, she or he must go forward in truth, for if they do not go forward, they will go backwards out of fear. Angelite combats this fear. It will help you unlock the secrets of the spoken word, giving voice to your truth. Psychologically, angelite counteracts harshness; if somebody is acting insensitively in a situation, angelite will help that person to become more compassionate. It also teaches them acceptance of that which cannot be changed.

Scientific Properties:
Mohs Hardness of 3.5 with a orthorhombic crystal structure.

Anhydrite is a relatively common sedimentary mineral that forms massive rock layers. Anhydrite does not form directly, but is the result of the dewatering of the rock-forming mineral gypsum. This loss of water produces a reduction in volume of the rock layer and can cause the formation of caverns as the rock shrinks. Good mineral specimens of anhydrite were extremely rare, despite its common occurrence. However, fine specimens of anhydrite have been found in Mexico and Peru showing good crystal habit, a nice blue color and even a play of light internally in the crystal. Lilac-blue anhydrite is sometimes called Angelite, for its “Angelic” color.

Anhydrite comes from Mexico; Peru; Germany and New Mexico, but it was adopted by the New Age sect as Angelite. This was where it first made its appearance on the New Age crystal scene. This happened when the keepers of days gathered for the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 in Peru. It is used for conscious connection to the Angelic realms via attunement to the heavenly vibration of this pale lilac-blue stone.

Mystical Properties:
Angelite is an excellent balancer, polarizing and aligning the physical body with the ethereal network. Used to call your Angels for guidance and support, as well as a psychic connection to oneness with universe, and angelic realm. Angelite is know to assist in astral travel, as well as heightened sensory awareness. Helping on to see paths available to them to surmount challenges.

Each of the blue and blue-green stones is associated with particular forms of communication. Turquoise helps one to enroll people in partnership for the achievement of goals and dreams. Aquamarine helps us to express our deepest spiritual truths.

Angelite is believed to be helpful in telepathic communication. If two people wished to be connected in that way while they were physically apart, they could each carry pieces of angelite. (This connection would be even deeper if the stones were programmed for that purpose.)

Angelite brings inner peace, tranquility, calm and focus to the highest realms of heavenly light. It is one stone that truly holds the energy of the force we know as Karuna: compassion, pity and tenderness. It also implies devoted action to alleviate suffering.

Healing Properties:
Angelite aligns physical and etheric fields for healing oneself as well as others. It will regenerate and rejuvenate ill or depleted areas of the being. Providing a protective energy field around the area where it is placed.

Angelite is one of the light-blue stones associated with the healing of anger. When we think of anger as a disconnection from others, it makes sense that a communication stone would help to heal relationships, not only with others, but also with oneself. This is especially true during those days when everything goes wrong. Some people blame others, some blame themselves. In either case angelite helps to bring us back into inner and outer harmony, reuniting us with our sense of the Oneness of all life.

Angelite can be used to relieve pain, both physical and psychological, and combats cruelty and brutality. It has also been used to alleviate the pain of stomach ulcers and sunburn.

Angelite’s glandular domain is the thyroid and parathyroids. It has also been used for inflammation of the throat and thyroid problems. Its healing vibration is also linked to the upper lungs and arms, the base of the skull and weight. Angelite balances the fluid functions of the body and thereby will release excess body fluid. It has been used as an aura cleanser and activator to bring Angelic attunement.

Chakra Classification:
The color of light-blue Angelite relates it to the 5th, Throat Chakra, which governs communication.

It applies itself well to facilitating the practice of Mantras, vibrating with high intensity as each chakra is activated with the appropriate sound. With conscious dedicated use it unlocks Nada or the inner mystical sounds. When applied to the feet it will also clear the meridians of energy blockages.

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Tiger Iron

(Also known as Mugglestone) a combination of Golden Brown Tiger Eye, Hematite, and Red Jasper, exhibits the metaphysical properties of its components as well as its own. Tiger Iron is the perfect companion for those who tend to take on others feelings and emotions (whether consciously or unconsciously). Readers and Healers should keep a piece of Tiger Iron close to remain grounded, balanced and centered during a session.

Tiger Iron is a powerful lower Chakra stone, promoting physical vitality, energy, and stamina. Tiger Iron is a helpful aid to those who feel emotionally, mentally or physically exhausted and burned out. Full of grounding Earth energy, Tiger Iron also helps to find courage and refuge in times of danger, and promotes a deeper connection to the Earth and her cycles. Tiger Iron, like Golden Brown Tiger Eye, is helpful in manifesting ideas into reality and giving personal strength in times of change.

Tiger Iron is a great stone to use for creative solutions and ideas. Many musicians, artists, actors, and writers find Tiger Iron to be a perfect ally in their pursuits, but it is also helpful for any in the working world to come up with new ways of dealing with old problems.

Tiger Iron acts as a supreme healing stone, encouraging the remembrance of perfection within the cells, and can be therefore laid upon any affected areas to bring improvement. For those sensitive types, Tiger Iron can pull extraneous energies down into the lower chakras, thereby enhancing emotional integrity and centering the self.

Physically, Tiger Iron can assist those who have chemical or noise sensitivities. It can be used to relieve stress and aid in soothing fractures, cramps and aching muscles.

Primary Chakra: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus
Astrological sign(s): Leo
Vibration: Number 7

Stone Type/Family: Member of the Quartz family
Crystal System: Trigonal
Chemical Composition: SiO2 Silicon Dioxide in combination with Red Jasper and Hematite
Hardness: 7

Color: A blend of Golden Brown Tiger Eye, Red Jasper and silvery to black Hematite with iridescent banding
Location: Australia, South Africa
Rarity: Relatively Common
Fun Fact: Marra Mamba is a rare form of Tiger Iron that contains shades of red, green, yellow and blue. Mined in one specific location in Australia, which was tapped out long ago, very little of the true Marra Mamba Tiger Iron is available today.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Cavansite, whose name is derived from its chemical composition, calcium vanadium silicate, is a deep blue hydrous calcium vanadium phyllosilicate mineral, occurring as a secondary mineral in basaltic and andesitic rocks along with a variety of zeolite minerals. Discovered in 1967 in Malheur County, Orgeon, cavansite is a relatively rare mineral. It is polymorphic with the even rarer mineral, pentagonite. It is most frequently found in Poona, India and in the Deccan Traps, a large igneous province.

Cavansite is a wonderful stone for someone who wants to become a channel or connect with the spirit realm. It's strong connection to the third eye chakra allows one to develop their intuition and psychic abilities. People that are mediums, or do things such as remote viewing can also benefit from using Cavansite, because it allows one to step aside, letting the truth flow freely without doubt.

Cavansite is known to help one view their past lives, and see the lessons that you have learned. By doing this Cavansite allows one to joyfully release those lessons so that the person can move forward into the future with grace. Cavansite is also very helpful for someone to feel excited and hopeful about the future or new projects they are about to undertake.

Because of Cavansite's beautiful color blue and being associated with the throat chakra, it isn't communication, especially in written form. This stone is a great stone for writers for teachers as they can assist in one having a clear and concise communication of their intended message. Cavansite is also helpful with opening communication of one's creativity, so if you are in need of tapping into your creative side, then Cavansite may be helpful for you.

Physically Cavansite can help to stimulate the endocrine system, in particular. It works with the pituitary and pineal glands. Condensate is also helpful with migraines and headaches, in particular ones that are caused from stressful situations. This mineral has also been used to treat disorders of teeth, the blood, and disorders of the eyes.

Chakras: Crown, Heart, Throat
Chemical composition: CaV5+Si4O11·4(H2O)
Hardness: 3 to 4

Friday, April 1, 2011


(also spelled moldivite) belongs to the tektite gem group. Moldavite--the original name--comes from the Moldau River, where they were first discovered in 1787. The glassy stone's hues range from green to brown and is often cut and polished for jewelry. As well, like all gemstones, moldavite has physical properties (or traits) and is associated with metaphysical properties.

In Myth and Metaphysical

In Czech tradition, moldavite was given as a betrothal gift. It was believed to bring harmony to marital relationships. In Thailand, people carved tektites into decorative objects that were worn to ward off evil.
Metaphysically, moldavite is a storm element. Storm elements represent transformation on a massive scale, change and cleansing. This change could come from rapid spiritual evolution. In cleansing, it might activate your body's chakras, most especially the foutth (or heart chakra) and the sixth (or third eye chakra). When held, these metaphysical forces are easily felt as moldavite has an intense frequency. With its forceful stimulation (often described as a hurricane), it dislodges psychic debris from your life, kick-starts spiritual development and expands your consciousness. It accelerates your inner growth and evolution.
Locations Found While tektites/moldavite have been found in other countries--Thailand, for example--the only known locality for green, transparent tektite is the Moldau River in the Czech Republic. While most moldavites are forest green, those found in Moravia tend toward greenish-brown. Most specimens are found on the Bohemian plateau. They are easily mined by sifting through loose dirt. Quite often, farmers turn up the gems when plowing their fields. The towns of Chlum and Slavce have proven to have rich yields, while a lacy form of moldavite has been discovered near Besednice.

Formation of Moldavite

Tektites are often found in hues from brown to green and are usually translucent. Their surfaces are typically rough and uneven and possess a lumpy, jagged or scarred texture. Unlike obsidian, a natural glass gemstone with similar physical properties, tektites do not contain crystallites. However, tektites may contain round or torpedo-shaped bubble or honey-like swirled inclusions.
Some theorize that tektites (like moldavite) came from outer space. Then by passing through the Earth's atmosphere, the stones melted, thus forming their characteristic shapes and textures.
Another theory supposes the impact of a large meteorite around 14.8 million years ago caused surrounding rocks to melt and scatter. Then, as they cooled, the recognizable cracks and scars appeared.

Physical Properties of Moldavite

Moldavite possesses an amorphous crystal structure, meaning the gemstone forms with an irregular shape. Often it means the glass cooled too fast for crystals to form in one of the seven crystal systems.
Chemicaly, moldavite is composed mainly of silicon dioxide, but it also contains aluminum oxide and other metal oxides. On the Mohs hardness scale, it registers between 5.6 and 6--where talc is a 1 and diamond is a 10.
Moldavite has a SG (specific gravity) of 2.40. The specific gravity indicates the gem's density. The number comes from comparing the gem's weight with a volume of water of equal weight. Moldavite has the same SG as that of sodalite and vesuvianite. It is slightly lighter than an emerald, which has a SG of 2.71
While some light striking the surface of a polished gemstone is reflected, most passes in. Because a gem's optical density is different from that of air, the light slows and is bent (or refracted). The amount of refraction occurring within a gemstone is called a refracted index, or RI. Moldavite has an RI between 1.48 and 1.51. Knowing the RI can help identify a gemstone.
Luster, the overall appearance of a gemstone, is determined from the light reflecting from its surface. The degree of surface polish is a factor that increases with the stone's hardness. A variety of terms are used to describe luster. Moldavite's luster is described as vitreous.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is said to protect from all kinds of negativity, ranging from electronic radiation from TVs and computers, to negative people, psychic attacks, past lives and spells. Black tourmaline seems to bring grounding in your life, and to balance our bodily systems for health.

What is Tourmaline?

Tourmaline has been uses as a gem for over 2,000 years. In physical terms, tourmaline is a borosilicate mineral of complex and variable composition. Tourmaline is the name given to the group of related minerals that all have essentially the same crystal structure, but that vary significantly in chemical composition and in some of their physical properties.

Another name for tourmaline is ‘schorl’. Tourmaline can be found in many countries such as the US, Brazil, Burma and Zimbabwe.

Unique Properties of Tourmaline

What is chemically special about tourmaline is that when it is heated, it obtains an electric charge. When charged, it attracts small objects such as hair or small pieces of paper. It is this unique property that has resulted in scientific and industrial uses of tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline as Protector

Black tourmaline has strong protective properties, and can offer shielding from harmful emissions from electronic equipment, from psychic attack and it is said to protect from magic spells and curses in present and past lives.

Tourmaline as Healing Gem Stone

Tourmaline has been considered to heal physical and mental disorders as well as prevent death. It already was attributed such qualities back in the Middle Ages.

Black tourmaline has been known for its strong balancing properties to realize physical healing and health. It is said to aid a number of body systems, including the endocrine, immune and autonomic nervous systems.

How does the black tourmaline work? It help your body towards homeostasis – the state when your body is working perfectly and everything is in balance.

This mineral is considered to be an effective pain reliever, and can be used in the treatment of arthritis and back disorders.

Black Tourmaline as Mental Balancer

For mental/emotional healing, tourmaline appears to help enhance concentration, inspiration and sensitivity. Further, it has been used to stimulate a proper balance between the left and right sides of the brain.

Black tourmaline is considered to also help in all kinds of other areas of our lives where a state of equilibrium is required, such as between play & work, ease & pain; or, inner- & outer- consciousnesses.

One of my sources referred to people in the healing profession specifically, stating that black tourmaline can be useful in balancing the healing and creativity energies required in the art of healing.

Black Tourmaline & Chakra Healing

As its strong back color indicates, black tourmaline is mostly associated with the root or base chakra. As such, it can be used to gain grounding.

For example, in your healing practice, you can give your clients a black tourmaline stone to hold for a few minutes after their healing treatment, as tourmaline is said to rapidly dispels any ‘spacey’ feelings post treatment. You can, of course, also use it yourself, after your meditation, or early in the morning, to quickly wake up.

Having said this, black tourmaline seems to absorb and dissipate negativity related the other chakras as well. It is said to dispel a negative frame of mind (3rd eye chakra); dissolve negative emotions (heart chakra); and to help being free from irrational fear and panic (solar plexus chakra).

Black Tourmaline, as a Lucky Stone

I have read that rubbing black tourmaline brings luck and happiness. When rubbed, it becomes charged with magnetic electricity and the luck intensifies.

Healing Tourmaline in Other Colors

The name ‘Tourmaline’ stands for ‘multi-colored’ in Sinhalese, and indeed, Tourmaline occurs in many colours besides black. Other colors and color combinations of tourmaline are: pink, water melon (i.e. pink & green), green, and blue. What is considered ‘pink tourmaline’ seem to actually range from light fluorescent light brown to an intense fuchsia pink to purple.

It is a stone that is found in abundance, and only its flawless, translucent varieties are cut as gemstones. Particularly the pink and watermelon tourmaline gems are really exquisite! However, all healing stones work: rough ones, shiney, tumbled ones, as well as those cut into marvellous gems.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Alternate Names & Name Spellings: Success Stone, Merchant's Stone

Metaphysical and Healing Properties Lore

Keywords: Success, Abundance

Citrine is known as the "success stone" because it promotes success, prosperity, and abundance. It particularly promotes success in business, earning it another nickname, "merchant's stone", and is said to bring business if put in the cashbox of a shop or carried. Citrine is a stone of good fortune, although it brings good fortune in sometimes unexpected ways. It is a stone of manifestation, helping manifest abundance in many ways. Along with prosperity and good fortune, citrine imparts generosity, to share the wealth, so to speak.

Citrine dissipates negative energies of all kinds. It also does not absorb any negative energies from its surroundings, and thus never needs energentic clearing. Citrine can be used to clear unwanted energies from the environment. Family issues caused by negative energies can also be resolved and cleared with citrine. Since citrine eliminates negative energies, it helps generate stability in all areas, and is good for general protection.

In the mental area, citrine enhances mental clarity, confidence, and will power. It also increases creativity and promotes honesty.

Emotionally, citrine relieves depression, self-doubt, anger, and irrational mood swings. Citrine is a stone that brings happiness and cheer to one who carries or wears it. Citrine also reduces self-destructive tendencies. Citrine helps eliminate fears caused by others' ideas and suggestions. It can help one overcome emotional traumas and grief. Sensuality and sexuality can also be heightened by citrine.

In the psychic and spiritual realms, citrine is good for general psychic awareness and spiritual development. Citrine clears the aura of negative energies and influences. It is also very useful for meditation. Citrine is a stone of protection, removing or deflecting negative energies of all kinds. It is also excellent for dream recall and dream work.

Physically, in crystal healing and folklore, citrine is said to be beneficial for the digestion, stomach, eliminating nightmares and other sleep disturbances, thyroid, general health, heart, kidney, liver, muscles, strength, endocrine system, circulatory system, tissue regeneration, urinary system, immune system, diabetes, fibromyalgia. Citrine is also reputed to be good for removing toxins, and overcoming addictions.

Citrine is associated with the solar plexus chakra.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Clear Quartz

Alternate Names & Name Spellings: Rock Crystal

Chemical Composition: SiO2
Hardness (Mohs): 7
Color(s): Clear, White, Pink, Brown, Gray, Black, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple (Amethyst), Yellow (Citrine)
Lustre: Vitreous
Transparency: Transparent, Translucent
Habit: widely variable, trigonal-trapezohedral, crystals often columnar
Common Locations: Found all over the world, most notably Brazil and Arkansas, USA.

Rock Lore & Tidbits: Quartz is the most common mineral on the planet. It is a component of a huge variety of rock types, and comes in an extensive range of colors and varieties. Chalcedony is a crypto-crystalline variety of quartz and includes the agate and jasper families. Many colors of quartz or formations have their own names, such as amethyst for purple quartz. The word quartz is thought to come from the German word "quarz", but the origin of that word is not known. The word crystal, however, comes from the Greek word "krystallos" which means ice. Ancient Japanese believed quartz formed from the breath of a white dragon, and regarded it as representing perfection. Australian Aborigines used quartz in rain rituals. Crystals skulls were reportedly made by Atlanteans and are believed by some to be living entities. Clear quartz formed into spheres have been used as crystal balls to predict the future at least since the middle ages.

Metaphysical and Healing Properties Lore

Keywords: Power, Clarity

Quartz is a power stone. It has been called the "Universal Crystal", and is the most recognized type of crystal. It's what many people envision when they think of crystals, even though there are many types of crystals. Quartz can be icy clear or have inclusions, veils, bubbles, etc. Visual clarity normally isn't important to a quartz crystal's energetic quality and ability to amplify subtle energies.

Quartz enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting. It channels universal energy. Quartz also enhances thoughts, as they are a form of energy. Because it directs and amplifies energy, it is extremely beneficial for manifesting, healing, meditation, protection, and channeling. It is also beneficial for storing and retrieving information of all types, as information is a form of energy pattern also. This makes them particularly good for programming. Due to its ability to balance, quartz is excellent for harmonizing and balancing one's environment. Quartz is also good for energizing other crystals.

Quartz is a stone of clarity which dispels negativity and clears away negative energy. It can be used to purify and clarify on the spiritual, mental, and physical planes. It is also powerfully protective. Quartz enhances spiritual growth, spirituality and wisdom. Because it clarifies though processes and emotions it increases inspiration and creativity. It can also help particularly with concentration, studying, and retaining what one learns. Quartz is also a stone of harmony because it balances energies, and is even helpful in romantic relationships.

Psychically, quartz is a powerful stone. It is used for protection because it counters black magic and protects from negative energy. Quartz is very useful on the third eye chakra for clarity of psychic vision, and can be used to communicate with spirits and other worlds. Quartz is a stone that can access ancient wisdom and bring it into the present. It is a very good stone for astral travel, manifestation, scrying, channeling, dream recall and dream work.

Quartz is a Master Healer stone. It is an excellent all purpose crystal healer stone. It is said to amplify healing energy and is used to perform diagnostic healing. It has been used historically to detect food poison. It is said to draw out pain. Quartz is used in crystal healing to fortify and strengthen all systems of the body. Quartz is reputed to be particularly effective for chronic fatigue, arthritis, bone injuries, depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, intestinal troubles. It also is said to improve mental and physical energy, stamina, and physical strength .

Clear quartz is associated with the crown chakra, but also works effectively to balance and energize all chakras.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Alternate Names & Name Spellings: "Sobriety Stone"

Rock Lore & Tidbits: Crushed amethyst was used by the Ancient Romans as a way to ward off intoxication. They word amethyst comes from the Greek word "amethystus" meaning not drunken, or intoxicated. And there is a Greek legend of how amethyst got its purple color. Once, Dionysis (diety of wine and mischief) was so annoyed by Artemis (a virgin huntress and Lunar deity) that he set his sacred tigers upon a maiden attending her shrine. To preserve the maiden, whose name was Amethyst, Artemis petrified her in sparkling quartz. Lamenting this virgin's demise, Dionysis poured a the contents of his cup over the statue, which immediately became infused with the purple of the grape.

Metaphysical and Healing Properties Lore

Keywords: Psychic, Sobriety

Amethyst is purple quartz, and is a meditative and calming stone. It works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to provide calm, balance, patience, and peace. Amethyst is also beneficial when dealing with legal problems and money issues, which can lead to prosperity and abundance.

Emotionally, amethyst can help heal personal losses and grief. Amethyst has a gently sedative energy that promotes peacefulness, happiness, and contentment. It also brings emotional stability and inner strength, and can enhance flexibility and cooperation. Amethyst can help get rid of addictions (alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc.) and compulsive behaviors of all kinds.

In the psychic and spiritual realms, amethyst is an excellent all-purpose stone that can increase spirituality and enhance intuition and psychic powers of all kinds. It does this by making a clear connection between the earth plane and other planes and worlds. Amethyst is also excellent for meditation and lucid dreaming. It is known to open one's channels to telepathy, past life regression, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and communication with angels. Amethyst also protects against psychic attacks, especially during spiritual work, and protects one from thieves, and protects travelers.

Physically amethyst is said by spiritual healers and mystical lore to heal the withdrawal symptoms of any sort of addiction, help with headaches, insomnia, arthritis, diabetes, pain relief, circulatory system issues, endocrine system problems, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, immune system deficiencies,asthma, phobias, pregnancy and preventing miscarriage, menopause, PMS, and general healing.

Amethyst is associated with the third eye and crown chakras primarily, but can also open the heart chakra.