Monday, April 4, 2011


General Gemstone Details:

Angelite or Blue Anhydrite is a fairly new discovery in the gem and mineral world. Discovered in 1987 in Peru, during the Harmonic Conversion, it's colors may be white, gray or colorless, as well as blue to violet. The most common color is a blue-gray color that most stones for jewelry are created in.

Blue is the color of the present time, the Angelite Metaphysical Information and Artisan Jewelry from Shimmerlings Jewelry Aquarian Age. The Aquarian is seen as the truth seeker; however, she or he must go forward in truth, for if they do not go forward, they will go backwards out of fear. Angelite combats this fear. It will help you unlock the secrets of the spoken word, giving voice to your truth. Psychologically, angelite counteracts harshness; if somebody is acting insensitively in a situation, angelite will help that person to become more compassionate. It also teaches them acceptance of that which cannot be changed.

Scientific Properties:
Mohs Hardness of 3.5 with a orthorhombic crystal structure.

Anhydrite is a relatively common sedimentary mineral that forms massive rock layers. Anhydrite does not form directly, but is the result of the dewatering of the rock-forming mineral gypsum. This loss of water produces a reduction in volume of the rock layer and can cause the formation of caverns as the rock shrinks. Good mineral specimens of anhydrite were extremely rare, despite its common occurrence. However, fine specimens of anhydrite have been found in Mexico and Peru showing good crystal habit, a nice blue color and even a play of light internally in the crystal. Lilac-blue anhydrite is sometimes called Angelite, for its “Angelic” color.

Anhydrite comes from Mexico; Peru; Germany and New Mexico, but it was adopted by the New Age sect as Angelite. This was where it first made its appearance on the New Age crystal scene. This happened when the keepers of days gathered for the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 in Peru. It is used for conscious connection to the Angelic realms via attunement to the heavenly vibration of this pale lilac-blue stone.

Mystical Properties:
Angelite is an excellent balancer, polarizing and aligning the physical body with the ethereal network. Used to call your Angels for guidance and support, as well as a psychic connection to oneness with universe, and angelic realm. Angelite is know to assist in astral travel, as well as heightened sensory awareness. Helping on to see paths available to them to surmount challenges.

Each of the blue and blue-green stones is associated with particular forms of communication. Turquoise helps one to enroll people in partnership for the achievement of goals and dreams. Aquamarine helps us to express our deepest spiritual truths.

Angelite is believed to be helpful in telepathic communication. If two people wished to be connected in that way while they were physically apart, they could each carry pieces of angelite. (This connection would be even deeper if the stones were programmed for that purpose.)

Angelite brings inner peace, tranquility, calm and focus to the highest realms of heavenly light. It is one stone that truly holds the energy of the force we know as Karuna: compassion, pity and tenderness. It also implies devoted action to alleviate suffering.

Healing Properties:
Angelite aligns physical and etheric fields for healing oneself as well as others. It will regenerate and rejuvenate ill or depleted areas of the being. Providing a protective energy field around the area where it is placed.

Angelite is one of the light-blue stones associated with the healing of anger. When we think of anger as a disconnection from others, it makes sense that a communication stone would help to heal relationships, not only with others, but also with oneself. This is especially true during those days when everything goes wrong. Some people blame others, some blame themselves. In either case angelite helps to bring us back into inner and outer harmony, reuniting us with our sense of the Oneness of all life.

Angelite can be used to relieve pain, both physical and psychological, and combats cruelty and brutality. It has also been used to alleviate the pain of stomach ulcers and sunburn.

Angelite’s glandular domain is the thyroid and parathyroids. It has also been used for inflammation of the throat and thyroid problems. Its healing vibration is also linked to the upper lungs and arms, the base of the skull and weight. Angelite balances the fluid functions of the body and thereby will release excess body fluid. It has been used as an aura cleanser and activator to bring Angelic attunement.

Chakra Classification:
The color of light-blue Angelite relates it to the 5th, Throat Chakra, which governs communication.

It applies itself well to facilitating the practice of Mantras, vibrating with high intensity as each chakra is activated with the appropriate sound. With conscious dedicated use it unlocks Nada or the inner mystical sounds. When applied to the feet it will also clear the meridians of energy blockages.


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